What’s new in the tidyverse

Isabella Velasquez

R updates
In this video you’ll learn the recent updates in the TidyVerse ecosystem

March 22, 2023

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March 2023 speaker is Isabella Velasquez, R enthusiast who first learned the programming language during her MSc in Analytics. She has experience in data analysis, research, and developing infrastructure to support the use of data. Currently, she works on the Posit (formerly RStudio) Marketing team, creating content to support and strengthen data science teams.

In the talk, she covers the numerous updates and new features added to the tidyverse, everything from the latest string-separating functions to new joins, and show you how these updates can make your life as a data scientist more streamlined and intuitive.

If you’re an R user, you’re probably familiar with the tidyverse - a collection of packages that have transformed the way we handle data wrangling, visualization, and analysis.

The tidyverse is a collection of open-source R packages designed for data science. It was developed by Hadley Wickham and his team at RStudio, and it includes packages for data manipulation, visualization, modeling, and programming.

The tidyverse emphasizes a consistent and intuitive syntax, making it easier for users to work with data and create reproducible analyses. Some of the most popular packages in the tidyverse include dplyr, ggplot2, tidyr, and purrr. Overall, the tidyverse has become a widely-used and powerful tool for data scientists and analysts working with R.

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