(Even More) Exciting Data Visualizations with ggplot2 Extensions

Cédric Scherer

Data Visualization
In this video, Dr. Cédric Scherer shares profound insights and practical tips to elevate your data visualization game. From decoding the power of typography in ggplot to employing code-first methodologies for transparency and reproducibility, he blends analytical expertise with design finesse.

November 10, 2023

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November 10, 2023 speakers are Dr. Cédric Scherer data visualization designer, consultant, and educator with a mission to empower his clients and workshop attendees in crafting engaging and effective data graphics. As a graduated ecologist, Cédric brings a wealth of experience in hypothesis-driven research, data manipulation, statistical analysis, and model development.

In this talk, Cédric will provide an overview of the world of ggplot2 extension packages and illustrate their usage and benefits by walking you through some examples of more advanced data visualizations and less common chart types.

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Creating effective and easily accessible data visualizations, R users can create highly customized graphics without the need for post-processing — and a huge number of extension packages allows you to create even more exciting visualizations and improve your workflow.

Material of the talk: - Presentation: https://z3tt.github.io/exciting-extensions/slides.html#/title-slide - Code: https://cedricscherer.com/codes/exciting-extensions.R

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